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    The ideal lotion for sweet itch (summer dermatitis) in horses. This 100% natural, colourless, non photo-sensitising lotion, containing no water or cortisone, helps protect the skin from damage due to repeated scratching and rubbing and prevents sensitivity in irritated skin. RECOMMENDED FOR HORSES WITH ITCHY SKIN, PARTICULARLY DURING THE WARM SEASON...
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    New look, same product. Derfly, an insect barrier, 100% natural, which uses the principals of the slippery wax of carnivorous plants to prevent insect adherence and bitting . Long lasting (48/72hrs) , Derfly has no water, therefore no waste due to evaporation when your horse exercises or sweat. The more you use it, the less you need. Best results when...
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    Natjely® is the first ever vegetable vaseline, 100% natural, it can be use  as a moisturizing cream, a waterproof protection or as a barrier againt insects under the belly and/or around the  genital areas of the horse.
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    Derfly Glove : use with Derfly to apply on the horse coat.
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