Crusts & scabs caused by mud fever are the most frequent winter problems and can cause severe complications it we dont prevent them.
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    Derfongen® is a natural lotion for  mud problems caused by bacterias and fungus like mud fever, scratchs, rain rot etc.  Derfongen®  will soften the cursty scabs & repair the skin with just a few applications.
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    A 100% natural liquid for horses' frogs, help hoof to fight against bacteria and fungus. Water repellent, specially developed for greasy, spongy or thrush-infected equine frogs
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    Natjely® is the first ever vegetable vaseline, 100% natural, it can be use  as a moisturizing cream, a waterproof protection or as a barrier againt insects under the belly and/or around the  genital areas of the horse.
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    High protection hoof ointment 100% natural that both hardens and moisturises hooves. It conditions the sole and the frog. Being waterproof, Ongifen® protects the hoof from humidity, whilst assuring the necessary hydration to the horn through its ultra-moisturizing action and may be used on all parts of the hoof. 
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