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Effective and fastest products to manage skin problems of horses , such as cuts, irritations etc ...
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    Natural skin renewing cream for horses,  restore  damaged, irritated, chapped skin . Immediate relief , soothing effects, Cutene will also allow hair regrowth close to its original state.
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    Derfongen® is a natural lotion for  mud problems caused by bacterias and fungus like mud  fever, scratches, rain rot etc.  Derfongen®  will moisturises and nourishes the irritated skin and reinforce the skin barrier. Derfongen will soften the cursty scabs & repair the skin with just a few applications. We recommend to apply Natjely in alternance with...
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    Natjely® is the first ever vegetable vaseline, 100% natural, it can be use  as a moisturizing cream, a waterproof protection or as a barrier againt insects under the belly and/or around the  genital areas of the horse. Great for girth galls and saddle sores. Use in association with Derfongen for scratches.
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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