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The present site includes information relating to physical condition, to the health of horses, to illnesses and to the related treatments.This information is provided on a purely indicative basis. In no case can this information be considered as a medical diagnosis or medical advice as to the treatment of your horse and it is not intended to replace the recourse to a veterinarian. It is only appropriate to administer Animaderm Canada products to your horse following consultation with your veterinarian and in compliance with his prescription. The products sold on this site must only be used in strict compliance with the instructions referred to. Animaderm Canada will under no circumstances be responsible for damage arising directly or indirectly from your access to this site or from the use that you make of the information or of the product described therein.


Products sold on this site is intended exclusively for horses. It must only be used in conformity with the veterinarian’s prescriptions and with the instructions contained with the products as sold. DOUBLE DIAMOND EQUINE PRODUCTS declines all responsibility in the case of non-compliant use of its product.


Insofar as this site is likely to be consulted throughout the world and thus in countries where Animaderm does not sell its product, DOUBLE DIAMOND EQUINE PRODUCTS only undertakes to sell and deliver its product in compliance with the applicable laws in the country of residence of the user and in relation to the availability of the product within this country.The products solds on this site will only be delivered within the time limits cited on the order form.


The prices quoted on the order forms are given purely for information and may be modified at any time by DOUBLE DIAMOND EQUINE PRODUCTS without notice; nonetheless the items will be invoiced on the basis of the price applicable at the time the order was placed


Shipping costs for the products purchased via the present site are at the expense of the user. All deliveries will be made by carriers under contract to DOUBLE DIAMOND EQUINE PRODUCTS. Delivery times indicated on the order form are the average estimated times, provided for information purposes only, and are liable to vary depending on the destination. DOUBLE DIAMOND EQUINE PRODUCTS shall have no liability in case of late carrier delivery. Any delays do not give the purchaser the right to cancel the sale, refuse the goods or claim damages. Any and all complaints regarding the shipping of the product should be made exclusively to the transport company.
The goods are delivered to the delivery address indicated on the purchase order. In the event of a mistaken address indicated by the customer resulting in the non-delivery of goods, the costs of return transport and re-delivery are chargeable to the customer. It is thus advisable to indicate an address at which delivery can be taken of the goods during business hours. In the event of a direct non-delivery, a notice of availability will be provided by the carrier.


None of order is send without a full payment when ordering. The goods remain the exclusive property of DOUBLE DIAMOND EQUINE PRODUCTS until payment in full, irrespective of their delivery date.


All photographs of persons or places shown on this site are the property of Animaderm SAS. All trademarks, logos or brand names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks of Animaderm SAS.

No use of these trademarks is authorised without the written permission of Animaderm SAS. It is formally prohibited to copy, distribute,  record, modify or transmit all or part of the information contained in this site without prior written authorisation of Animaderm SAS. It is strictly forbidden to use the logos of the products or of the company, any reproduction of image or editorial text without prior written authorization from Animaderm SAS, whatever the medium of communication. The use of the Animaderm SAS trade marks is also strictly forbidden for referencing on the Internet, key-word purchasing or any other kind of advertising without prior authorization from Animaderm SAS. Trademark rights, author’s rights and copyright are applicable to all information provided on this site including in particular electronic mail, texts, bibliographic references, pictures, drawings, etc.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not infringe any law in force as regards author’s rights, (in bearing in mind that author’s rights may have expired in one country but not in another). Any use of the trademarks of information included in this site which does not comply with these general conditions is strictly prohibited.

Animaderm SAS will engage in determined legal pursuit for any violation of its intellectual property rights by all means including penal measures.

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