Animaderm is an independent French laboratory specialised in the research for, and the developement of equine dermatalogical products. Our proficiency is based on the identification of active principles, both plant based and mineral – all unique – which we formulate into solutions (creams or lotions) specially conceived for their effectiveness and simplicity of use.

Research & Development

  • Based uniquely on natural components
  • Choice of non-polluting production methods
  • Partnership with plant-producers on the principals of equitable trade
  • Rigorous experimentation of new formulae using a selection of exceptional and innovating products.

A different way of thinking

The consumer-conscious world in which we live often dazzles us with its marketing and publicity campaigns. Our priorities are integrity, quality and customer assistance. We are at all times involved with our research, with our associates, and with you. Our objective is the long term, natural products are our vital streak, and horses and their wellbeing are our motivation. Please watch our presentation film.

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