What is it?: Skin infection caused by a bacteria called (Dermatophilus congolensis).Rain rot can be identified by looking at the affected area. “If the horse has a tender, crusting dermatitis of its topline that developed after some heavy rain and minimal sunlight to dry out the coat, there is a good chance that it is rain rot.

  Areas affected: Topline , legs, croup and withers .

  SeasonRain rot is more common during wet seasons and in geographical locations with high precipitation and humidity, which foster the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

  Symptoms: Minor cases appear as dry skin flakes and loose hair. Acute cases present as large matted clumps of hair and scabs that are tender to the touch and difficult to remove. Little or no itchiness. Very contagious, both directly and indirectly (via grooming kit, etc.)

  Short-term care: Anti-bacterial treatment (Derfongen)

  Please note: This disease is often benign. It often disappears on its own, but it is important to keep an eye on it. Take care with anti-bacterial treatments, as they are harsh on skin. Only use them when absolutely necessary.

Indicative information - Does not replace consultation with a veterinarian

Posted on 01/04/2022 Infections de peaux

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